Category – Archeology / History

Duration 52′

Direction Marcello Adamo

Versions Italian / English / French

Production Company – Filmare Entertainment srl


Calchi di Pompei

The 86 plaster casts of the victims of Pompeii are an archaeological evidence unique in the world. Created in 1863 thanks to the revolutionary technique introduced by Archeologist Carlo Fiorelli, many of them severely deteriorated over the years. Professor Giancarlo Napoli is the head of the team that is restoring the precious casts. The challenge is hard, as the operation consists in restoring organic matter (human bones) embedded in inorganic matter (gypsum), but the restoration is also the opportunity for historians and anthropologist to gain new insights on the last moments of Pompeii and its citizens.

Thanks to the most sophisticated imaging and medical technology, the victims of the devastating eruption in Pompeii are being brought to life for a second time.

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